How to Tell If a Diamond is Real Or Not

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Big Apple Jewels guarantees you that our diamonds are natural and earth-mined. Due to the desirability of the diamond, there will be fakes out there. We hope this article will help assure you your diamond purchased from is real.

1. Fog Test: Hold the diamond or jewelry in which the diamond is set in front of your mouth. Take a deep breath in, and then blow on the diamond as if you are trying to fog up a glass window. Count to five. Check the diamond. If the fog is still on the diamond, it is not real. Real diamond will hold fog, but only for a small amount of time.

2. Gray Scale Reflections: Hold the diamond up to sunshine so it can reflect the light. Look closely to see which colors of light the diamond reflects. Real diamonds reflect the entire rainbow of colors including shades of blue and gray. If the diamond reflects the rainbow of colors, but not gray shades, it may be a fake.

3. Do a transparency test. Turn the diamond upside down and place the flat, bottom on a newspaper or letter. Look down through the top of the diamond to see if you can read the newspaper or letter. If you can clearly see the words through the diamond, then the diamond is not real.

4. Weight Test: Compare your diamond to a diamond of the same size that you know to be real. Use a scale to weigh both diamonds. They should way about the same. Fake diamonds like those made from Cubic Zirconium weigh 50 percent more than real diamonds. If your diamond weighs a significant amount more than the real diamond, it is a fake.

5. Side Sparkle Test: Look at the top and sides of the diamond. The top of a fake diamond sparkles more than the sides. The sides of a real diamond appear more sparkly than a fake one. Be sure the diamond is clean before doing this test. A dirty diamond can prevent the diamond from sparkling at the right angles.

6. Black Light Test: Hold the diamond under a black light. Look to see which color the diamond reflects. A real diamond usually reflects a blue fluorescence. A fake diamond will not. However, some real diamonds do not reflect blue, either.

7. Appraisers: The best and most effective way to determine if your diamond is real or fake is to take it to a diamond appraiser. Appraisers are trained to know all the ways to determine the authenticity of a diamond. Some appraisers may charge a fee for their services.

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